Tomorrow Comes Today

There are two  types of campus students. Those who are in bed by midnight and those who call it a day at dawn.

All factors held constant, I’ll be up by 6 am. The last time these factors were at equilibrium, I cannot remember. My current sleep patterns are quite irregular. I feel as if I am living in two separate time zones. What people refer to as morning is my evening and vice versa.

I swear, I never pictured myself joining the band wagon of #teaminsomnia.  My early campus days were filled with lots of activities; mostly classes and club meetings. But, as a freshman, these were new and most importantly, exciting experiences. Of course, after a while life under the campus sun became routine. It is then that I was initiated into the vampire life of coming alive in the night.

It is 2:30 am as I write this and I don’t feel one bit tired. For a minute, I actually thought that tonight, for the first time, I would be in bed before midnight. I wasn’t happy about it but there was nothing I could do. Finances restricted me. The mere thought of lying in bed sober and bored made me cringe. How can someone choose to exist during the day and still do the same at night? Double tragedy.

Because I’m a man of faith, I believed someone would come and save me from staring at the ceiling whilst in bed. At the stroke of midnight, my prayers were answered. My good friend Don was at my door. He came bearing good tidings, a bag of goodies that helped us kill time. We then spent about two hours talking about nothing in particular before I started churning out this post.

Please note: Today is Tuesday. I most definitely have classes in the morning. Classes that I must attend.  Sure, I might not arrive at the stipulated time but I will be there regardless.

Staying up till the wee hours of the morning isn’t something queer in campus. Most students are doing it. The only difference is what keeps us up. Usually, it’s movies, parties and, once in a while, CAT’S and assignments.

Being up for at least 19 hours, every day, for the better part of the week is quite demanding. I am full of youthful energy but this rigorous regime still takes a toll on me. Choosing this lifestyle means accepting to have no fixed bedtime. You will also be forced to bid farewell to beauty sleep and say hello, to cat naps.

Monday and Tuesday are pieces of cake but by the end of Wednesday you’ll probably be wondering if the weekend is stuck in traffic. When midweek fatigue sets in, drifting away to slumber land is replaced with blacking out. At this point, sleeping in between the sheets will become a task. Many at times, you’ll wake up to find yourself lying fully clothed on the bed.

While the transition from Tuesday to Wednesday is made on both feet, the same cannot be said about the subsequent days.  Students will limp to Thursday and crawl to Friday.  

Saturday will arrive only to find you dead beat tired. Unfortunately, Sato has this bad habit of being unpredictable so you never know what might happen. One moment you’re spending time with family at home, the next you’re surrounded by strangers at the bar.

And finally, there’s Sunday. Sweet blessed Sunday.  The Sabbath is by far the dullest day in campus life but with good reason. On this religiously designated day of rest, students refrain from going ham.

Everyone has a reason why they subject themselves to this vicious cycle. As I stated earlier, mine was to break away from monotony but after some time I realized that I was chasing a high that was never forthcoming. This revelation hasn’t deterred me from embracing this behavior pattern.

Nowadays, though, I do it with moderation and for a different reason.

The trap life inks my pen, it keeps my creative juices flowing. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to taste life twice.  

What about you? Why do you love seeing tomorrow today?

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