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Story With No Moral

I officially got back to school this week after the December holiday. Not a lot has changed but campus feels profoundly different. Like a long distant memory.

Walking around school nowadays, I can’t help but feel like campus is all but over for me. I doubt there’s anything about this place which can get me bubbling with excitement ever again. And it sucks to know that no matter how real life here might feel it’s nothing but an illusion.

What makes it hard to stay woke is the fact that my school is located away from the city; in the middle of nowhere.  There’s no one here but us youngins. And, as you can expect in a society where majority of the people are young, the rules are made by the unruly.

In campus, I spend most of my time in seclusion; drowning myself in music (amongst other things). The only ti1me I leave my cocoon is when I’m going to class, cafeteria, library, ICT and the Writing and Speech Centre.

In the streets of daystar, I walk around as a complete nobody. And I absolutely love it! Not knowing people and people not knowing me warms my heart in ways you can’t even imagine.

I’m usually intrigued by the people who love socializing and greet almost everyone on their paths here. Like, where do you get that confidence from? And, those names… How do you remember them all? And what do you talk about? Do you really have a story for everyone? I digress.

I’m no island, I’ve got friends. Few friends but good friends (I think).

Most of my friends are weird and awkward but I don’t mind their bizarre habits. In fact, I feel like it’s our innate misfit nature which makes us click. Plus, these guys, are honest, sincere and, most importantly, radiate good vibes. Not just to me but to themselves,

Class is the other place my voice is heard.  First of all, I’m ashamed that I hold the record for late coming (I doubt there are any objections to this). But, this semester, now that I’m in control of the teen spirit, truancy will no longer be my forte.

In class, I’m a ball of energy, I talk; a lot. My hand is always in the air (pun intended). This  active participation is fueled by my goldfish memory. It’s quite easy for me to get lost in my thoughts more so, when the class is a graveyard.

I don’t consider myself to be a chatterbox. Okay, fine. Maybe a little. But the main reason I open my mouth in public is to get people buzzing. While I do enjoy my moments of silence, like the next person, I also love my dose of chaos and mayhem.

Back in high school, I was the guy who instigated noise making in class. Teachers had their work cut out for them because I just couldn’t fathom (always wanted to use that word) the eerie silence called preps. Immediately the teacher left, I would convert the class into a madhouse of endless banter. It was beautiful. I loved it.

And so, I try to do the same in campus. Anytime I raise my hand, I just might raise hell.

Relationships, drugs and porn are the topics that fire me up. If a teacher dare brings a discussion on any of the above, then I won’t hesitate to share my two cents.

I love talking about relationships because, at this age, they’re pointless, drugs because they’re the greatest campus past time. And porn? Well, I see no shame in watching an XXX movie and jerking off to it.

Sometimes people agree with my views, sometimes they don’t. Either way it’s cool. Opinions are free and everyone is entitled to their own.

As stated earlier, I’m a reclusive, I spend most of my time conversing with myself. The consequence of this habit is, ever so often, I can be spotted smiling, giggling or chortling silently on my own in public.

It happens so unconsciously. I honestly try my best to keep my laughter under wraps but most times, I just can’t help it. I’ve got a filthy mind and a serious case of humor; I crack myself up. Bwahaha!

By now, if you’ve been following, you must be wondering where all this is headed and that makes two of us.

I began the article thinking I’ve got something to say turns out I just wanted to say something. Thank you for taking your time to read this story with no moral.

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50% Dislikes
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