PSY 417X: Addictions & Interventions

In case you’re new here, I am a counselling psychologist by profession. I am equally passionate about the social science as I am about art. Matter of fact, I purposely switched majors halfway through uni to study the human psyche, but that’s a story for another day. Today, I want to share with you the sentiments of two people I interviewed many moons ago for coursework purposes.



I get F’d up for fun. But seriously, I get lit like bic, I’m always the highest in the room! However, I don’t like being referred to as an addict because that’s not who I am. I don’t even like talking about my alcohol and drug use because people already have a pre-conceived notion about those who indulge in such. Even if someone drinks heavily, I doubt they’d like to be referred to as a drunk. Addicts are shunned by almost everybody; lots of people are struggling but won’t admit it just to avoid the loser tag.

How can you claim to have someone all figured out yet you are only able to understand them from your level of perception? Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge.

I can’t continue to answer your questions. [Agitated]. I’d rather you interview someone else. There are tons of people who do drugs and I’m sure they will be more comfortable sharing their experience, I just don’t want to share mine.



Weed and alcohol are my main, shisha is my side; I find hookah to be overrated. Occasionally, I take psychedelic trips as well.

I started smoking and drinking in 2013. Back then, I was a social drinker who preferred sweet alcoholic drinks, anything which left a bitter taste in my mouth and a burning sensation as it went down my throat was a big no-no. Now, stiff drinks are my cup of tea, literally. I don’t even chase my drink anymore!

My boyfriend introduced me to Mary Jane and I don’t regret it. I got into shisha simply because of the craze; I don’t own a bong neither am I planning on getting one, probably the only thing I like about water pipe smoking are the scented flavours and the cloud of smoke one puffs out. My psychedelic journey started much later. I took my first trip at a house party where pills were being distributed alongside other treats.

If you’re a stoner, a quality strand is essential for a good high. Personally, I prefer to buy bags and roll my own blunts. Popping pills is a purity test of sorts. If you’ve got a good heart, you’ll have a good trip; if your heart is wicked, then say hello to the devil.

I love all these substances because, when taken in moderate amounts, they bring about enlightenment. When I am on them, my senses become heightened. I become one with nature and elevate to a higher level of consciousness. The people you turn up with also matters.  If you’re next to party poopers, don’t expect to experience bliss. I only get lit with cool peeps; no bad vibes or weird energy around me.

I’ve never done anything I regret when I’m drunk or high. They don’t interfere with my normal day routine. In fact, I am able to successfully carry out my everyday activities even when under the influence. If they interfere with your normal routine, then you seriously need to reconsider your life choices.

I don’t plan on graduating to harder drugs because I love my life. I also don’t consider myself to be an addict. In a year or so I might quit, because I won’t have time for them. But for now there’s nothing much going on in my life. So why not?

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  1. Well, no addict ever started out with the intention of getting addicted. Personally after seeing what these drugs have done to my friends and relax, I just try and keep my distance.

    Great article bro, I think next you should interview someone who wasn’t able to quit. And someone who was able to quit and never looked back. Get their stories and perspectives


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