Jungle Rules

At the core of every man is his ego. Tear a man to shreds and on the last strand of his flesh you’ll find his ego hanging by a whisker. “Great men have great egos; maybe that’s what makes them great.” —Paul Arden

There a lot of things that constitute the male ego but they’re all instigated by the same need: achievement. For a man to “feel like a man” he has to experience success in his life. The success can come in various ways; spiritually, physically, emotionally or financially. Of all the above, financial success reigns supreme.

God made man. Man made money. Money made man mad.

It’s not rocket science, when a man has money he commands respect; thus, his ego sits well. The guy doesn’t even have to say a word, you will see it.

On the other hand, not having money is equal to emasculation. What kind of man stands up to speak knowing full well he can’t put his money where his mouth is?  What of those who take ladies out and are unable to pick up the tab? The best thing a man with nothing to his name can do is tuck his tail between his legs and hide his face.

Money will forever be a measure of success for as long as we live in a capitalistic economy. It upholds the law of natural selection; separating the boys from the men and the rich from the poor. Financial status has become such an integral part of our social lives that we base our opinions and perceptions of someone by the lifestyle they portray. Character doesn’t raise a candle to one’s bank account. Wisdom is  presently being measured in riches; you could be full of wisdom but if your pockets don’t reflect your insight then all you say is nothing.

Social status alone isn’t what has propelled money to the top of man’s desires. Money means so much more than that, oh-so much!

When a man undertakes an arduous task and puts in the work, the only retribution he hopes for is that the numbers will agree. It’s only right that he gets compensated for his efforts (blood, sweat, tears). Money is an effective, powerful and simple motivator to not only go above and beyond, but maintain an increased level of productivity. A well-paid man charges like a raging bull while an unpaid or underpaid one is like a dog with no bite.

We are made to love; to love and be loved. Love is beautiful, love is sweet, but it comes at a hefty price. In order to sustain a relationship, a man must either turn provider or poof! No matter how hard you love or how deep your love is, it still won’t pay the bills. I wonder how many love stories die at the hands of capitalism. I wonder how many men relate with the song “Malaika”.

Since time immemorial women have always wanted to associate with the dominant male. Back then, a man’s allure was based on brute strength and authoritarian power. Ladies would throng around the strongest of gladiators who fought till the death in the arena and the most powerful of emperors who ruled with an iron fist.

Not much has changed since then. Women still want the dominant male. But, contrary to yesteryears, a man’s appeal is now exclusively measured by financial muscle and spending power. Whether the money is clean or tainted is a non-issue. Money is MONEY.

The more the zeros in the account, the more dominant the bull.

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