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Do you remember the first time you did it? If you haven’t done it yet, then recall your first kiss. If you haven’t done that too, don’t worry your time is coming.

For those who have, do you remember the build up? The thrill running down your spine. The excitement coursing through your veins. If not now, then never!

How can I forget my first time? The lass was older than me by a couple of years and had an hourglass figure. She planted the idea of us doing the deed in my mind with three simple words: I. Want. You.

I was a ‘second year student from the University of Nairobi pursuing an undergraduate in Engineering’. At least I was telling the truth about studying in Nairobi. The only difference was the level of schooling. I was a Form Three student in Upper Hill Secondary School but being tall and with a strong physical disposition sold the part of me purporting to be in campus.

Looking back now, she must have been quite gullible. I mean, I was only around during mid-term breaks and long holidays i.e. April, August and December. Maybe she already knew I was lying but still chose to act a fool. All the same D-day was on. The day I was to become a man. And by saying so, I’m actually making a devious innuendo that a boy is initiated into manhood through sex.

During our last phone call before the main event, like any typical male, I talked a good game. Confident I would live up to her expectations, she promised to make my head spin as well. My virgin head was already spinning trying to figure out what she meant. Like a true virgin, sex was the last thing on my mind. I know, I know, it shouldn’t have been, but the furthest I had ever gone with any femme was first base.

After concluding that she most likely meant sex, I had to be prepared, so I ran to check under my brother’s mattress; he always hid his collection of erotica there. I had to be quick and swift. I didn’t want any of my older brothers to know I was planning to watch porn. Not because I’d get punished, but because I openly dismissed adult films as a desperate fool’s tool, yet there I was, at my most desperate moment.

I also couldn’t explain my predicament to them because, according to them, I was sexually active—there was no way I could be the only virgin in the house and still warrant my brothers’ respect. What can I say? A little lie never hurt anybody.

Once I lifted my brother’s mattress, I saw his impressive disc collection. I grabbed one labelled “Demoiselle Gigantesque” and hid it under my pillow. No sooner had I stashed it away, than my bro entered the room. Though he didn’t say anything, I’m sure he could tell that I was anxious but I could care less whether he was concerned or not. I was fully focused on the upcoming task. My reputation was at stake.

I am usually left on my own in the evening living room watching telly. However, on that particular night, it seemed like everyone was an insomniac. The conversations were unending and nobody showed signs of retiring to bed. Bored and worn out, I started dozing off.

Just when I was about to lose all hope, everybody left the room. I was alone, but I couldn’t just jump straight to the “good stuff”. I had to stall to ensure no one walked in on me while I feasted my eyes on the sexual aid. So, I decided to watch an episode of Witch Blade only to get bored within the first two minutes and doze off once again.

By the grace of something, I was woken up by the profound silence at the end of an episode.  Anxiety to watch the skin flick was rising rapidly but I still felt the need to buy more time. It was 3.30 a.m. The witching hour.

I did a quick round to confirm if everyone was asleep and that their rooms were shut. Finally, I could relax. Not totally, but enough to insert the disc into the disc tray, watch it slide back in and press play.

Wow! The title page was mind blowing. Latino lass with boobs bigger than the boner in my pants. She was in lingerie and holding a peeled banana. My mind was blown but I was still hungry (and horny) for more.

I selected the first clip only to be repulsed. Next clip, same thing. Turns out, I’d picked a CD filled with video clips of naked ginormous women. Not that I’ve got any problem with big bodied people. I love women of all shapes and sizes but when it comes to porn, I’ve got my own fetishes and I’m sure you do too.

Done was the mistake, what was left was to then endure a whole scene and gather as much info as possible (assuming my date with the lass was still on). I decided to skip to the last scene and get it over with.

When I pressed play, a young lady came into focus. She was completely naked. Okay, now that got my attention. A lad joined her on the sofa but I didn’t even notice him. My eyes were only meant for the lady. Immediately, they started engaging in explosive foreplay. My pulse rose to impossible heights. Things were getting serious; my boner was so hard and painful that I feared there wasn’t enough blood flowing to my brain. Then came the buzzkill.

One of my brothers walked into the living room chuckling.

I had to come up with an excuse, and fast, at least blood was flowing to my brain once more. I woke up went to the DVD tsk-tsking,” This guy has sold me a porno! How foolish can one get?” I knew it was a dumb excuse but it was the fastest thing I could come up with in the circumstance.

“Yeah. I see you desperately endured 15 minutes of it,” my bro deadpanned while I hastily unplugged the extension plug from the wall socket. and headed straight to my room.

The night was ruined. I didn’t get to watch the, uhm, tutorial and my brother thought I was a hypocrite. Could things get any worse? Could I really perform? Would I make a mockery of myself? Who would she tell after I underperformed? I was a nervous wreck as I got into my room. The only reprieve I got from my thoughts came at 5 a.m. in the form of slumber.

I was awoken by the sun’s rays penetrating through the room’s thin curtains. When I got off the bed, my eldest brother came in the room grinning, “Now I know why you were up watching porn last night. She’s waiting for you in the living room.”

Immediately, I hit the shower, dressed up, then casually walked into the living room to meet my date. We embraced tightly before snuggling on the sofa. All my brothers had already left the house so that the two of us could have some alone time; this was in accordance with the Bro Code (Article 116): A Bro shall not kill another Bros chances of scoring with a chick.

She looked smoking hot in her little black dress which showed off all her curves. But, as always, her cute little smile was the sexiest thing she had on.

So there I was, horny and clueless af, wracking my brain for a conversation starter that would set the mood. She suggested we watch a movie to break the ice, to which I instantaneously agreed. She moved stealthily to the TV area as my eyes remained locked on her, more specifically her booty!

She picked up the extension plug and jabbed it into the wall socket. The TV screen and DVD machine came to life.

I was still stuck in my stupor when I remembered what I was watching the previous night. Even before I could locate the TV or DVD remote, my dirty linen was all out in the open for her to see. There was no hope for me. I was a pervert in her eyes. A loner who jerks off to porn in the middle of the night. Things had surely taken a turn for the worse.

“Do you love them?”  She asked. Her question was pretty straightforward; either a yes or no would suffice. I wondered if she was trying to ensnare me. Whatever answer I gave was bound to dictate how things would play out.

“Uh-huh.” I replied seeking clarity to a question that was crystal.

“I love them too. They’re so wild. Maybe we can watch one before I make your head spin.”

‘Yes-yes! They’re awesome.’ was my final answer. Of course, I still didn’t but I couldn’t allow the truth to ruin a perfect moment. Sometimes a little lie goes a long way.

In next to no time, the couch was shaking. Goodbye virginity, hello world!

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