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Great Expectations

Before I joined university, I watched a movie called Project X. For those who haven’t, Project X is a motion picture depicting the craziest party in a youth’s life. The only word that can describe all that goes on in that movie is, “Epic”.

After watching it, I believed that this was how campus parties would be. Beyond crazy, beyond my wildest dreams; epic. 

Fast forward to my first campus party, it was nothing compared to what I saw in the movie. I was amped up for an epic night only to end up having a mediocre one. No one knew me (ladies that is), so the whole night I pretended to be having the time of my life. 

Of course, I tried my luck with ladies here and there but they all went Mutombo on me. I couldn’t blame them really, I was a nobody and all they did was acknowledge my status.

Like the optimist I am, I believed that the next party would be epic. After all, good things come to those who wait. 

The next week I braved the cold and went to another party but this time, I was on my Taio Cruz vibe, putting on my favorite brands et all. The deejay was on point and guys seemed to be enjoying themselves but still the party did not meet my expectations. The few parties which I had attended in high school were heads and shoulders above this one.

I asked my friends if they were enjoying themselves and they all said yes. I tend to think they agreed as they were making the most of the situation, or were highly intoxicated, or probably both.

Again, I was fed up. I had come here in pursuit of happiness only to be embraced by disappointment and boredom.

Yes, I am not really into the night life but, once in a while, I like to blow off some steam with a night out. Unfortunately, so far in campus, I haven’t had so many nights to savor. And, as a result, finding me in the local nowadays is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  

I once read somewhere,” If you are not where you want to be in your life, yet you are partying every weekend. Exactly, what are you celebrating?” I found this statement to be spot on. 

If you have achieved your goals, you will want to have a good time with those close to you. Heck, you might even break the bank just to celebrate your achievement. I believe this is when a party becomes epic for someone, when you go all out holding nothing back knowing full well that you are deserving of it. 

Before then, I believe, one ought to be working in order to celebrate.

But wait, shouldn’t we be thankful and celebrate all that we have and all that we lack plus the gift of life? If that is the case, then I guess one is justified to party as much as they want.

In the end, it’s upon someone to decide whether success will validate their celebration or idleness and passivity. 

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50% Dislikes
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