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Comps Lab

Today, I’m in my school’s Computer lab. I came here to complete assignments but as fate would have it, I am now listening to music from YouTube and blogging.

Looking around, I see people busy staring at their screens. Everyone seems too preoccupied to notice what the other is doing. I know some people in this lab while others are familiar strangers.

A lady seated in front of me is watching Churchill Live. It seems she came here for her dose of laughter. How women love to laugh? On my far right, is a guy looking at football videos. The clip is of Ronaldo and Messi. One of those rival compilations between the two.

Next to him, is a guy looking at pictures of a beautiful woman on Facebook.  I’m pretty sure he is lusting over the woman’s body considering the fact that the lady seems to be scantily dressed in all the pictures he’s looking at. Maybe it’s not the guy’s fault. Maybe those are the only clothes the lady has or maybe that’s how she wants to be viewed as. A sex symbol. I digress.

A good number of people are doing their assignments. Or at least that’s what it seems, because they are on Microsoft Word and they’re banging their keyboards like crazy. Trying to beat deadlines, no doubt. 

Right now I’m listening to The Calling and all I can say is 16 years on they are still one hell of a band. Hinder is also one of a kind (I just relistened to Lips of an Angel). Music is like wine, only gets better with age.

Seated a few meters from me is a girl I like ( I like a lot of girls) but what I feel for her is different (though I”m pretty sure what I feel for the others is different too). Anyway, she just said hi and like an idiot I replied with a smile plastered all over my face as a warm fuzzy feeling started tingling my whole body. I’m trying not to look at her but I can’t help it. She is simply too cute for this world!

Too bad she is not looking back. What will it take for her to notice me? Should I put on a Boateng suit? Have a bezzle on my wrist? Drive a V8? Or should I stop over thinking and go talk to her? No, I cannot. I might talk my way into the friend zone.

No! She just stood up, she is leaving. Should I leave too? Curse my indecisiveness. 

It’s good that she’s left, now I can finally concentrate on completing my assignment. Oh, wait it’s already 9:55 pm. Any minute from now we’ll be asked to leave. Too bad, I guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow. 

There’s always a next time. 

50% LikesVS
50% Dislikes
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