Brace Yourselves…

Recently, I wrote that the Daystar sun is unforgiving. I even went a step further and accused it of being the biggest impediment in a comrade’s life. Today, I would politely like to take back my words, the Daystar cold is indeed the granddaddy of torture. The sun laid on us a heavy yoke but the cold has made it even heavier.

As I write this, my hands are trembling, my body is shaking, my teeth are chattering and nose is running faster than Bolt. The hot cup of coffee I took a few minutes ago has done me no good. Winter is with us. 

I could go on and on about how much suffering this weather has caused me, and I know I am not the only casualty. You, who is reading this is, are surely suffering the same fate I am; the only difference is the extent of our suffering.

Below is my assessment on the impact of the current weather on campus students:


If you are single, then you are cursing yourself right now. The weather is really mocking your relationship status. It seems like an eternity before dawn. Throughout the night, you are doing your best to keep warm in bed. Wrapping yourself with your beddings, the way you wrap your smokie with chapo, but the cold still easily penetrates through. You start wishing for that special person to snuggle with, but then you realize a thermostat would serve the same purpose. To all singletons, the current weather is a monster that defiles you every night.    

For those who are in relationships, this is the month to discover or rediscover love and intimacy. Why do they call February the month of love anyways? June and July are proving that they are worthy of this title. Every night you and bae are getting hot and heavy and cuddling thereafter. How romantic.  

The rate of co habitation is at an all-time high. If a quick spot check were to be done on campus, most beds of in session students would be found empty. Who can blame us? With temperatures hitting new lows, it’s understandable why people have decided to shack up together.

If you and your bae had a fight, the weather acts as a catalyst, ensuring the both of you get back together in the shortest time possible. No one wants to brave the cold on their own. 

If your partner dumped you this month, they are very heartless and/or must have really hated you. I cannot wish such a fate even on my worst enemy; not in this kind of weather anyway.

You have already hooked up or are planning to hook up with your estranged ex. Yes, the same one you promised yourself you would never get back with till kingdom come. To you, this weather is a sign from above that you closed that chapter of your life too soon. So you reopen it, but only for this period.

Substance users

Mastermind tobacco must be making a killing this month. Cigarette smokers are puffing away more than usual right now. The board of directors, in all leading cigarette companies, are probably praying for the current weather to drag on the whole year as they count their profits.

For the lovers of the bottle; Russian vodka and French Cognac is perfect for such conditions; being the campus student that I am, any type of liquor works, provided it gives you a burning sensation that keeps your body warm. A bottle a day keeps the weather at bay is their current philosophy.


During this period, deciding what to wear has become, for lack of a better word, tricky. In the morning, it feels like Antarctica so you put on heavy clothing. By midday, the beach sun is out and you regret why you aren’t in vests and shorts. You seem out of place with your scarf, sweaters, trench coat and jackets. People might think you are trying to pull off a sweat and shine look.  At around 3pm, the sun is shining relatively but it’s quite chilly; mvua inawaka na jua inanyesha.

The  unpredictable nature of mother nature has left us making several trips to and from our rooms as we try to keep up with it.


Eating less during this season is considered an abnormality. Everyone must be experiencing the winter munchies. Basic biology tells us that we eat less food during hot seasons so as to generate less body heat, and we eat more during cold seasons to generate more body heat. It is no surprise to see people snacking more, cooking larger amounts or even asking to be served more food.


You have to be brave and determined to go out to an outdoor event with this kind of weather. Most people are opting for house parties where you can have fun in the comfort of a warm and cozy house.

If you go out at night skimpily dressed and showing acres of skin, like your headed for the beach rest assured you will visit the hospital the day after.


Finally, this is the season you will fully utilize your First Assurance medical cover. Be it flu, cold sores, sore throat or dry coughs; one way or the other you will find yourself making your way to the Clinix.

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