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I love words. Whether it’s written or spoken, I simply love the way words can paint a picture and evoke emotion. I am blessed with the ability of projecting my thoughts on paper which is quite convenient as I really love speaking my mind. People call it writing but I consider it to be therapy. Anytime I put something down, it’s my conscience that’s speaking.

No doubt, having your voice heard is a great feeling but so is listening to somebody else. There’s always something new you can learn from people. It might be good or bad but a lesson nonetheless. Usually, I note down powerful statements people make; as long as it is original and it has given me a new insight and different perspective on life.

My constant desire to seek out new experiences and collect moments has also made me an avid consumer of art and travel. Art, in whatever form or shape, provided it’s pure, will always replenish my soul. I love the thrill of adventure but I am forever puzzled about what part of it I enjoy most; the journey or arrival at the destination? I digress.

Above all else, my greatest love, and what defines me as a person is family. By family, I don’t just mean parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. For me, a family is inclusive of a pet. Most preferably a furry animal but I wouldn’t mind something that’s got feathers or a shell either.

Anyway, it feels great to know that there are people who genuinely love you, wish you all the best, and are looking forward to seeing you at the end of the day.

And that keeps me going.

My name is Marvis Borona. I am a counseling psychologist, an artist, and an all-around creative.

Whether I will turn out to be the hero of my own life or whether that station will be held by someone else, this blog must show.

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