A Rare Disease

My aunt met her husband in campus; in the same four walls that we currently dwell in.  They are not the only love story to come out of institutions of higher learning. We all know of at least one married couple that met here.

Recently I was being told of two students (male and female), who joined as individuals but left as one. The guy proposed at the heart of the basketball court and the girl actually said YES!  There was a small multitude who witnessed this miracle. And they have been spreading the gospel of campus love ever since.

Such success stories gave me the audacity of hope as I set foot in college for the first time. Like many other students, I wondered if I would be among those who will leave campus with something else than a degree.

To ensure my cup was brimming with optimism, I engaged Jack (a continuing student) in a quick conversation during the first week of regular schooling.

“So, Jack, how many couples make it out of here?” 

I already knew what I wanted to hear.  I just wanted to hear someone else say it. I pictured Jack telling me something like this . . .

“Mavo, if you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with then look no further than here. We might be part of a generation where people are breaking up and filing for divorce but here love reigns supreme.

Here, you will find that special someone who will turn you into a better person. Campus students are not bent and broken. They do not ruin each other by being together. Actually, campus couples are known to practice chastity or, at the very least, fidelity.

I have seen it with my own two eyes. Students in the same orientation group falling for each other. A spark igniting between those sharing a class or discussion group. God revealing to many a man whom He gave their rib to at the church kesha.

The case at the local joint is no different. People are falling in love on the dancefloor. Even in the school bus, students are embarking on the love journey with the person they’re seated next to.

These 1001 examples might seem like impossible fairy tales, at the moment. You might not see how cupid can strike you.  No one ever does. But trust me, you, like the rest of us will be a casualty of cupid’s arrow.

That, I promise you.“

Unfortunately, Jack did not recite my thoughts. He didn’t give me the Celine Dion like speech which would cement my unwavering faith in love. Instead of reaffirming my beliefs, the fella laughed sarcastically then looked me dead in the eye and said . . .

“There’s a rare disease here called Onegina (getting used to one vagina). Ensure you do not suffer from it!”



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