Brace Yourselves…

Recently, I wrote that the Daystar sun is unforgiving. I even went a step further and accused it of being the biggest impediment in a comrade’s life. Today, I would politely like to take back my words, the Daystar cold is indeed the granddaddy of torture. The sun laid on us a heavy yoke but the cold has made it even heavier. Read More

Great Expectations

Before I joined university, I watched a movie called Project X. For those who haven’t, Project X is a motion picture depicting the craziest party in a youth’s life. The only word that can describe all that goes on in that movie is, “Epic”. Read More

Campus Prom Night

Days like this, I would love to have more of days like this.

On Saturday, the 23rd of April, Machakos People Park played host to the Students of Excellency Awards. For those who might not have a clue of what SOEA is, let me fill you in. Read More