So, You Got Game?

Having game – A phrase used to signify the level of skill one (most preferably a man) has in wooing a member of the opposite sex.

Men normally used different tactics and techniques to get and keep women. All these ways are mainly encompassed into four.

Men with financial game

Money not the problem in our lives.  This seems to be the motto of these men who are also referred to as shot callers, rich n*gg*z or playboys. They do not talk a lot. They let the money do it for them. There hunting grounds are normally clubs and parties. VIP is their section, it is reserved for them by the management.  Their table is normally full of respectable brands of liquor and, as you have already guessed it, a bevy of beauties. Ladies cannot help but want to be around them. Their financial power makes them dominant and a class above the rest.

They also know how to show a woman a good time by introducing them to the finer things in life. Every day or, at least, every weekend is an adventure to the men in this category. This is why the ladies love them; because of their unpredictability, sheer class, generosity, (spending), and their spontaneity.

Men with verbal game

Women fall in love with what they hear. Ever heard of such a phrase? Men in this category make good on that as they are blessed with a silver tongue. They are smooth operators who have an aura of mystery surrounding them. They talk… but not too much. Always keeping their conversations short but comprehensive. They are quite convincing with the ability of making outright lies believable and the gospel truth questionable. These men know exactly what women want to hear and how they want it said. Never do they mince their words nor do they stutter. Ladies melt when they are conversing with these men. Leaving ladies dazed and amazed at the end of every conversation is their trademark. Women cannot get enough of these men. Some even come up with excuses to see them again. All in the hope of solving the mystery of what really makes them tick. Plus, ladies love the well thought out subtle compliments that these guys serenade them with.

Men with texting game

The literary geniuses as I like to call them. Text messaging applications are their hunting ground. A woman has to be receptive and open to getting to knowing them first before they can begin to work their magic. These men have perfected the art of texting thanks to their wit. They know how to keep a conversation going. So much so, that a lady might forgets it’s way past her bedtime and into the wee hours of the morning. Their flirting skills are on point. Ever seen a lady smile with her phone screen or even burst out in laughter making her seem crazy to those nearby? The men in this category are responsible for that. So interested do the ladies become that they find themselves constantly checking their phones to see if the man is online or if he has replied.

Men with sex game

For a man to first get a woman to bed, he must at least have first a little bit of any of the above three. However, what these men lack in the above three they certainly make up for it with their in between the sheet skills. The men in this category are “Bedroom Bullies” who are known to make women sing “Dye Dye” behind closed doors. They have mastered the art of giving ladies the full body quiver. Dr. Christian Grey comes to life in the form of these men ready to give the ladies a taste of all his 50 shades.

Any lady who experiences one of these men will obviously come back for more and more, and…more. If she doesn’t or once she’s had her fill, she will definitely spread the good word of his stellar performance to her friends. In fact, she will actually recommend and encourage her girlfriends to have a romp between the sheets with him. Promising them that they are in for a remarkable experience.

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