Calvary greetings to you all. I take this opportunity to welcome all of you to a new semester. By now, you continuing students have noticed there are new sheriffs in town by the name of, “Freshmen”. I proudly belong to this group of distinguished people.

Some of you might refer to us as the, “Xaxa generation”, as we are fresh from high school which is…fair enough. If you are to engage in a quick tête-à-tête with us, you will realize that we were brought up differently. Some were put under lock and key, while others basically grew up in the church willingly or unwillingly. Then, there are those of us who were given freedom at an early age. These one’s tend to live on the wild side.

Apart from that, you will also realize that we have big dreams of shining in our respective fields of study. After all, isn’t Daystar University responsible for making stars?

The fact that we set foot at Daystar won’t make any of us successful rather its what we do during our time here that will. How I wish that by the end of our time here we will all automatically have our names and faces next to those of Larry Madowo, Lilian Muli and the like in the school’s campus portal. Unfortunately, if wishes were horses…

I sincerely believe what will determine whether we leave here not just as stars but as holistic people is our social life. Now, I am not insinuating that we should not attend class, study, or do our assignments and projects. Our academic life is not inferior to our social life. 

Actually, they are intertwined because like it or not, you cannot do it all alone; no man is an island. Mother Teresa once said that loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. Not wanting to experience such a fate, we will look for a group where we can fit in and belong.

This need to belong will lead some to the Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF). Here, they will discover, rediscover or strengthen their relationship with God. They are bound to find like minded people who share the same ideas and they will inevitably walk together in the journey of faith.

Others will find solace and happiness in liquor and other drugs. These substances will act as the cause or solution to their problems depending on the user’s predicament. Obviously, they too will not lack a crowd of their own that will walk hand in hand with them on the path of destruction.

Regardless of what path we take, we are bound to find people already treading on it. Question is, ”Where are you headed?”

Still, during our time and stay here, some of us will be struck down by cupid’s arrow. Gradually, you will find yourself developing an emotional attachment to a colleague of the opposite sex. This is good, because it means you are human and your heart does more than just pump blood!

Yes, there are those of us who will fall in love but what will make all the difference is our definition of love. Some will define it as finding your place in that special person’s heart. Others will define it as finding your place in that special person’s bed. Whichever option we opt for might just determine whether we leave Daystar with our better halves or our hearts in halves.

For now, we freshmen are allowed to walk around Daystar believing that we are rising stars. Only time will tell if we will join the galaxy of twinkling stars or fall from the skies a dying one.