Its amazing how long childhood friendships can last. I’ve known my brother MZelo for close to two decades now. When you’ve gotten to know someone for that long the title, “friend” becomes inappropriate. Our brotherhood was conceived in the neighborhood and has stood the test of time.

Like me, MZelo has a knack for words and pens pieces ever so often. Usually, he sends them to me and a few literature lovers. I love his writing and honestly don’t know why he hasn’t opened a blog yet.

Anyway, he hit my mail last week with yet another work of art. I loved the piece and could totally relate. So I called him up and told him I would love to share it on my blog. He agreed.

And so without further ado, MZelo.


Do you remember the first time that you lost your virginity? If you haven’t lost it yet then  recall your first kiss. If you haven’t done that too, don’t worry your time is coming.

For those who have, do you remember the thrill, the rush, the excitement and intoxication feeling up your veins. And you have this pessimistic feeling that if not today then never again.

I remember my first experience like it was just yesterday. The lass was older than me by 4 years and had a figure if compared to a soda bottle would be like calling Mt. Kenya the Mau Ranges.

She had put the idea of us having sex in my head with three simple words. I. Want. You.

I bet she had very high expectations of our first encounter. I mean, I was a ‘second year student from the University of Nairobi pursuing engineering’. At least I was telling the truth about studying in Nairobi.

The only difference was the level of schooling. I was a form three student of Upper Hill Secondary School but being tall with a strong physical disposition sold the part of me purporting to be in campus.

Looking back now, I think she was quite gullible. I mean, I was only around during mid-terms and holidays i.e. April, August and December. Maybe she had figured out my deceit and preferred to believe my lie. All the same D-day was on. The day I was to become a man. And by saying so I’m actually making a devious innuendo that a boy is initiated into manhood through sex.

During the last call we had before the main event she exquisitely said that she was going to make my head spin. My head was already spinning since my virgin of a mind was calculating all possibilities of what she meant by saying she’d make my head spin.

Like a true virgin, sex was the last thing on my mind. I know, I know, it shouldn’t have but I was too young, very scared and the furthest I had gone with any woman was a peck.

After considering that she meant sex I had to be prepared. I was a clueless boy back then. The only knowledge I had of coitus was from my high school biology.  So I ran to my brother’s bed. Under the mattress was a stash of erotica. I had to be quick and swift. I didn’t want any of my older brothers to know I was watching porn. Not because I’d get punished but because I constantly told them how smut was foolish and was meant for the desperate and there I was at my most desperate moment.

I also couldn’t explain my predicament to them because they all knew that I wasn’t a virgin. What can I say, being a man entails placing yourself on a higher platform for respect. I couldn’t be the only virgin in the house and still warrant my brothers’ respect. Sometimes a little lie doesn’t hurt.

After lifting my brother’s mattress, I saw his collection. There was no time to be choosy so I had to  grab what I could and seclude it before any of them walked into the room. I reached out took one and tossed it under my pillow. Just then my bro entered the room.

I bet he could read the anxiety on my face but he didn’t mention anything. I really didn’t care. All that was in my head is that I needed to be prepared. My performance was crucial for my status and opportunity for another funky time with her so absolutely nothing could go wrong.

Everyone was used to leaving me in the sitting room watching my late night series. But on that night it seemed like everyone was an insomniac or was it my anxiety that was overwhelming? 10:30, no one was showing any signs of retiring to bed. 11:30, they are still telling stories. I was so bored and worn out that I  started to fall asleep. Just when I was about to lose all hope, people left the room.

I was alone. But I couldn’t just jump straight away to the “good stuff”. I had to stall to ensure no one walked in on me. So I decided to watch at least two episodes of Witch Blade. I was bored by the first two minutes.  Anxiety to watch the skin flick was rising rapidly but I still needed to buy time.

Before I knew it I had fallen dead asleep on the couch. By the grace of something, I was woken up by the profound silence at the end of an episode. It was 3.30 am; the devil’s hour. The perfect time to watch it.

Before feasting my eyes on this sexual aid I had to confirm everyone was asleep so I passed through all the rooms to be sure. Now I could relax. Not completely but at least I could take heart that my chances of getting caught were very slim. Next, I inserted the disc into the disc tray and pressed play.

Wow! The title page was mind blowing. Latino lass with boobs bigger than the boner in my pants. She was completely naked with a banana in her mouth. My mind was blown but I hadn’t gained what I wanted. There was still more to be seen.

I selected the first clip and was immediately disgusted. A really old woman and a young lad getting cozy. The actress was also quite plump. Saying plump is even an understatement, demoiselle gigantesque is more fitting. I couldn’t go on so I moved on to the next clip. Same thing.

I was fooled by the cover and ended up picking a disk full of naked ginormous women. Not that I had any problem with big bodied people, they just weren’t my porn preference. Done was the mistake, now I had to endure one horrible clip and collect as much info as possible assuming my date with the lass was still on. So I decided to skip to the last scene and get it over with.

When I pressed play a young lady passed across the screen. Completely naked. Okay now that got my attention. A lad joined her on the sofa but I didn’t even notice him. My eyes were only meant for the lady. Things were getting serious. The foreplay had started. My pulse had risen to impossible heights. My boner was so hard and painful that I feared there wasn’t  enough blood flowing to my brain. Then came the buzz kill.

My eldest brother was chuckling at my sight; my desperate moment. I had to come up with an excuse and fast. At least blood was flowing to my brain once more.

I woke up went to the DVD clicking in disappointment.” This guy has sold me a porno, how foolish can one get?” I know it was a stupid excuse but it was the fastest thing I could think of in the circumstance. I went straight to the socket and unplugged it from the wall. “Yeah. I see you noticed after 15 minutes of watching it,” was my bro’s only response.

The night was ruined. I didn’t get to watch the tutorial and my brother thought I was a hypocrite. When I got to bed I couldn’t sleep because of both fear and anxiety. Could things get any worse? Could I really perform? Would I make a mockery of myself? Who would she tell after I hit and miss? All these questions came flooding in my head causing me to sink into further desperation. The only break I got from my thoughts came at 5 am in the name of slumber.

I was awoken by the sun’s rays that penetrated through our thin curtains. When I got off the bed my big bro came in the room giggling. I couldn’t deal with him. I had more pressing matters at hand.

“Now I know why you were up watching porn last night. She is in the sitting room waiting for you” he said. Immediately, I dashed to the washroom and did a number on myself. I dressed up then casually walked into the living room.

As it was our custom, all my brothers had left the house to give us privacy. So there I was, horny as a dog during mating season and clueless on the matter as a monk. I greeted her and sat down right beside her.

She was so beautiful that morning and was donning a short, black dress that showed off all her curves. Her thighs were just perfect. Brown in color and well crossed sending both chills and excitement down my spine. If not for my tight trouser then my boner would surely have given me out.

I maintained my cool as I wracked my brain for a conversation starter that would set the mood. As an ice breaker she proposed we should watch a movie which I instantaneously agreed to. She moved stealthily to the TV as my eyes were fixed on her behind. She picked up the socket and jabbed it into the wall. The TV and DVD came to life.

I was still stuck in my stupor when I remembered what I was watching the previous night. As I tried to jump to the remote it was already too late. There was my dirty linen. All out in the open for her to see. Things  had just gotten worse.

There was no hope for me. I was a pervert in her eyes. A loner who jerks off to porn in the middle of the night.

“Do you love them?”  She asked. Her question was not vague, either a yes or no would suffice. But was this a trap? However I answered, would it dictate how things would play out?

“Uh-huh!” I replied seeking clarity to a question that was crystal. “I love them too, they’re so wild. Maybe we can watch one before I make your head spin.”

‘Yes, yes, I love them.’ was my final answer. Of course, I  still didn’t but I couldn’t allow the truth to stand in between me and my desires.

In no time, my stiff came back to life and the rest, as they say, is history.




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